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Foam Roofing

Since a roof is an important part of keeping any property safe from the elements, it should always be in the best shape. This is the reason why most residential and commercial properties prefer to look for roofing materials that will last longer and keep the inside of the building dry. This is especially so if the roof is flat and not pitched. If a building has a flat roof, there can be issues of water or snow draining poorly and causing roof damage. Fortunately, there are materials to help prevent this.

One of the materials that roofing contractors recommend is foam. This is a material that is great for insulation because it is durable and does not let water or moisture in. The foam is made of elastomeric, a material that can prevent water from rain and snow from getting into the house. It also keeps the roof safe from the sun which can weaken the roof with time. The foam is usually in liquid form when being applied to the roof.

The contractors will spray it onto the roof after installation to seal any cracks that may be on the roof. Once this is done, they apply a second layer to strengthen the roof. Foam roofing is also great during the summer if you want to keep the heat out and maintain cool levels in the house.

Foam Flat Roof Phoenix

Benefits Of Foam Roofing in Phoenix AZ

Energy Efficient

Your roof can be a source of high energy bills if you choose the wrong roof. Foam for flat roofing is the best option because it provides proper insulation for the building. That means there will be less energy spent trying to keep the inside of the building cool, especially during very hot summers. The aluminum particles in the foam reflect UV rays from the sun instead of absorbing them. With this mechanism, there is less energy spent heating or cooling the house. The energy bills drop considerably when there is foam so it is very great at saving cost.

Easy To Install

The installation process for this kind of roofing is easy because there are no complex details included. Foam saves time and ensures that a roof is installed within a reasonable duration. If the contractor doing the installation is an expert, they will be able to do the job quickly and efficiently. There is also the fact that a foam roof will only need to be installed once and will last for several years after the initial installation. Unlike other materials such as asphalt which may need repairs often, foam roofing is durable and does not get damaged easily.

It’s Light In Weight

This factor makes foam the ideal roofing material for residential and commercial properties that cannot withstand the weight of heavy roofing materials such as tiles. Foam can be used in place of shingles too. If a roof made from shingles is damaged and needs replacement, foam roofing is a great alternative as the house will still be able to withstand that kind of weight.

It’s Waterproof

Perhaps the biggest enemy of a roof is heavy rain or storms because a roof can get damaged when water continuously seeps into the roofing materials. With foam roofing, however, this is not an issue. The foam covers the seams completely, ensuring that there is no chance that any water from rain or snow melting will get into the roofing materials. This quality makes it the best kind of roof to install in places that experience heavy monsoon rains. Most experienced contractors put more foam in the parts of the roof that are sloppy so that rainwater drains into the gutters instead of settling on the roof.

Tips When Installing A Foam Roof.

It is crucial to look for professional roofing contractors that have experience with foam roofing installation. It is also advisable to go for spray foam instead of foam boards if you want the roof to be completely waterproof. Foam boards may not provide the best insulation compared to spray foam. Ascertain that the quality is the best by choosing a licensed contractor who has a solid reputation. A good-quality foam roof will be able to serve you well as long as you take care of it by removing any dirt and debris that accumulates on it.