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Commercial Roofing contractors bring an extensive list of benefits to protecting your business from the elements and your budget from large expenses. Here are the 3 Important Reasons to have your roofing work addressed by professional commercial roofing contractors.

1. Value Services

Signing on with professional roofing contractors ensures that your commercial roofing services are of the highest quality. Remember that you will have to repair or replace your roofing materials at some point in the future. How soon you will have to make these costly replacements depends as much on the quality of the materials you purchase as on the quality of the installation and maintenance.

2. Budget-Friendly Solutions

As a financially-minded business owner you probably have a budget margin set aside for regular repair and maintenance of your property. A professional commercial roofer will allow you to make the most of every cent you set aside for roofing work. Professional roofing contractors have years of experience and local knowledge and can provide insights and services that extend the life of your roofing structures and materials. Furthermore, professional advice can prevent expensive repair work when small details are not addressed in time.

1. Expert Industry Knowledge

Not everyone knows the subtlest signs of damage, the local building codes or the most cost-effective solutions to roofing repairs and replacements that apply to your exact situation. But, a professional commercial roofing contractor does. When it comes to hammering out a plan to keep your roofing costs to a bare minimum in the long term, getting some inside advice from the local professionals is paramount.

What do You Need for Phoenix AZ Commercial Roofing

Having the roof over your commercial locations maintained, repair and replaced by professionals can lead to longer lasting roofs and avoid the higher costs of roofing. But, these advantages can only be provided by roofers who have attained the highest echelons of professional roofing.

How will you tell which commercial roofer will deliver the high-quality value services you need? Here are some of the qualities to look for in the right commercial roofer for your needs.

1. A local company

You need a professional who is keenly familiar with the kind of attention roofs in your area will receive. This includes staying in line with proper building codes. But, more importantly, a local roofer will have a working knowledge of the weather and what type of attrition your roof is exposed to. This can help you choose roofing solutions and services that keep your business and commercial location well-protected.

2. Safety measures

Roofing is a dangerous task and the potential for accidents is very high. For this reason your commercial contractors will always use proper safety equipment and adhere to all safety guidelines. You should also expect your roofing contractors to be insured so that you will not be held liable for any accidents.

3. Proper Licensing

In addition to liability insurance, your roofing company will also have licensing from the regulatory board in their local area. If you aren’t sure exactly what documentation this may include, ask your commercial roofing contractor. You can expect a reputable roofer to have all the documentation in order and be able to explain more about the regulatory boards. If not, you should seek roofing services elsewhere.

4. Excellent reviews

Never select the first option you speak with, it is a good option to talk to 3 or even 4 roofing contractors and get some different perspectives before selecting the contractor for you. Some of the best perspectives you can find will be from other business and property owners in the area who have received their experiences before. Take the time to call references and ask about the level of service and quality of installment as well as the capacity to meet projected time frames and cost estimates.

5. Competitive Rates

You can expect your roofing contractors to be completely upfront with their pricing estimates. Expect them to provide a complete figure that you will be able to compare to other roofers to ensure you are getting a competitive rate. This is where it is important to shop around and research the options provided to you. Sometimes a very low estimate will not be the best option.

We specialize in commercial and industrial roofing projects, we have the vast experience and attention to detail that you will want for your project.  We are Licensed, insured, bonded and have over 30 years experience in the Valley. As a business owner or property manager having the right contractor for the job is crucial. We do it right the first time, without the hassle or delays that you hear about. We are highly respected and work all over the state.

  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools
  • Equestrian Stables
  • Fitness Facilities

Stapleton Roofing offers a variety of roof systems for Commercial and Industrial roofing in Phoenix. We have the knowledge and years of experience which benefits our customers. When it comes to the decision making process Stapleton roofing has you covered.

Stapleton roofing understands the importance of communicating to the customer and relating that information so informed decisions can be made by the client, thereby giving our team the opportunity to better serve our clients. Our pricing is very competitive and we would be happy to provide you with a bid for your commercial roofing project. We have been building commercial roofs for 10 years and we understand the importance of completing a project on time.

Our team will work with you on the following:

  • New roof construction or re-roof
  • Selection of roof type
  • Cost and Time estimates
  • Replacement determination

Experienced with these types of roofs:

  1. Flat roofs
  2. Foam roofs
  3. Shingle roofs
  4. Tile and Shingle roofs
  5. Pitched roofs

If you have a commercial or industrial building in Phoenix, Phoenix AZ, Paradise Valley or anywhere in the east and west valley’s, Stapleton Roofing has the experience and equipment to maintain your roof or build a new one.

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