Roof Repair

loose roof granules Hiring a Roof Repair Company Deciding whether or not it's time to replace or repair your roof is a serious consideration. Re-roof too soon and you waste money, time and aggravation. Wait too long, and you’ll end up with thousands in damages from leaks. Like all things in life, nothing lasts forever, not even that fancy roof of yours. But when it comes to repairs you want to get the timing just right. To do this, you need to regularly (once a year or so) assess the overall condition of your roof and work with a roofing professional to identify early signs of failure. With the national average cost for a shingle roof running around $21,500, opting for roof repair and maintenance is often a solid option to extend the life of your roof without risking damages from leaks. This is especially true if the majority of your roof is in decent shape minus a few spots that have taken a beating. Annual inspections can help you budget and plan Read Full Post